2019 Council Accomplishments

Interprofessional Quality & Safety Council

Patient Satisfaction Scores outperform NRC 75th percentile benchmark in:

  • Confidence and trust in nurses
  • Comfortable talking with nurses
  • Got help after pressing call button

Clinical Indicators

  • Pressure Ulcers
    • Decrease in number of patients assessed from 4,727 FY18 to 4,699 FY19
    • Pressure Injuries Stage 2 and Above: increased from 26 FY18 to 31 Fy19
  • Catheter-Associated UTIs
    • Decreased catheter days from 19,006 FY18 to 18,088 FY19
    • Increased from 20 infections FY18 to 23 FY19
    • Decreased central line days from 33,198 FY18 to 32,131 FY19
    • Decreased from 29 infections FY18 to 23 FY19
  • Falls
    • Increased patient days from 182,544 FY18 to 189,581 FY19
    • Falls with injury increased from 88 FY18 to 94 FY19

Safety Indicators

  • Barcoding Compliance overall increased from 96.7% to 97.0%
  • Plum Pump Programming Compliance consistent from 97.4% to 97.5%
  • Sapphire Pump Programming Compliance consistent from 98.7% to 98.0%
  • Critical Lab Values decreased from 63% to 58%
  • Pain Assessment consistent at 69%
  • Specimen Labeling increased from #7 to #10

Nursing Practice Council

Policies approved:  90
Clinical practice guidelines: 4
Practice Innovations: patient safety

  • Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation
  • Diabetes Updates
  • Radiation Safety
  • Handoff Communication
  • Non-Infection Precautions Signage

New Products

  • Enfit Sumps
  • Face Masks
  • Nova Meters
  • Pink Basins
  • Sage Wipes

Evidence-Based Tools

  • Admission Navigator Patient Own Medications Intake
  • BEFAST Stroke Flowsheet
  • BMAT Signage
  • Elsevier Clinical Skills
  • Infiltration/Extravasation/VIPAS Scale
  • Malnutrition Screening Tool

Clinical Nurse Advancement Council

  • 20 nurses advanced through clinical ladder
  • Updated guidelines

Nursing Professional Excellence Council

Community Outreach

  • Community Health Fair (Portland Public Library)
  • Drug Take Back Day
  • Tri for Cure Run
  • Twilight 5K Run
  • UNE Health Fair

Recognition of Nurses

  • National Certification Day
  • National Nurses’ Week
  • Nursing Excellence Awards
  • DAISY Awards: 22
  • PETAL Awards: 8

Nurses Certification of Professional Organizations

  • AMSN Medical Surgical Nursing Certification Review Course
  • FailSafe Program AMSN
  • Pediatric Program
  • Success Pays Program – ANCC
  • Emergency Preparedness – ENA

Health & Wellness

  • Josie King’s Story
  • Peer-to-Peer Support
  • Mentorship Programs: BBCH, ED, SCU


  • Magnet Conference
  • Council Briefs
  • Night Council

Nursing Informatics Advisory Council

  • Technology workflows
    • Epic upgrades-Council members received advanced training, and served as super users
    • Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA)- reviewed top 30 medications not scanned
    • Interpreter services live on Epic
  • Patient Safety
    • Sepsis/Deterioration Index predictive model implemented
    • Bedside timeout flowsheet updated
    • New proning flowsheet
    • New Insulin carb counting flowsheet rows on the MAR
    • New C-section flowsheet and navigator
  • Staff Safety
    • Behavioral FYI
    • Broset Violence tool

Interprofessional Research & Innovation Council

  • Conducted a follow-up EBP Council Survey (initial survey 2015) which highlighted the ongoing need for the 90 minute EBP class and need for EBP unit mentors.
  • Creation and implementation of the CoMET Model and Policy Review Checklist.
  • Maine Medical Center, Kappa Zeta at-Large Chapter hosted the Sigma Region 15, Research Symposium at University of New England.

2020 Council Accomplishments

Interprofessional Quality & Safety Council

  • Three of four Nurse Sensitive Indicators outperformed NDNQI benchmarks over 8 consecutive quarters: CAUTI, CLABSI, and Pressure Injuries.
  • Patient Satisfaction scores for inpatient and outpatient units outperformed over 8 consecutive quarters in 4 selected categories: Courtesy and Respect, Patient Education, Safety, and Service Recovery.
  • Implemented action plans to improve Falls with Injuries and CAUTI rates.

Nursing Practice Council

  • 71 policies and 4 procedures/guidelines – 100% evidence-based and reference up-to-date.
  • 5 Evidence-Based tools for patient screening and safety.
  • 6 Practice and safety innovations.

Nursing Professional Excellence Council

  • Organized 2 community outreach events – Nose to Toes (127 pairs of socks, 118 gloves/mittens, 106 hats, 81 face masks, 47 scarves, 9 men briefs, 4 gift cards, a few miscellaneous  items); Nurses with Purses (150 purses stuffed with toiletry items) donated to community members in need.
  • Recognized MMC nurses and nursing staff through DAISY and PETAL awards, Nurse Excellence Awards, National Nurses Certification Day.
  • Provided confidential Peer to Peer support calls for nursing colleagues – especially important during pandemic.

Clinical Nurse Advancement Council

  • 12 nurses advanced through clinical ladder
  • Updated guidelines

Interprofessional Research & Innovation Council

  • 10 Year Anniversary Book of Research, Magnet Conference and Quality Improvement Project Abstracts, 2010-2020, developed by Jen Laflamme, MSN, RN.
  • Amy Moore, MLS, MMC Librarian and Technical Sub-committee transitioned research abstracts from the IRIC Knowledge Bank to the Maine Health Knowledge Connection and created Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Toolkit and Resources on the Library and Knowledge Services
  • Supported and mentored, Clinical Scholar Program and ongoing education through Evidence-Based Practice Skill Building Workshop, Rhonda Babine, MS, APRN, ACNS-BC.