A Letter from Our Chief Nursing Officer

Maine Medical Center is home to one of the most accomplished and talented nursing teams in the country. It is an honor for me to serve as chief nursing officer for this outstanding team of nearly 2,000 nursing professionals who have achieved three Magnet designations and are currently pursuing their fourth.

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Nursing at Maine Medical Center

Percentage of Maine Medical Center nurses with the following qualifications:

RN Certification: 45%

BSN: 77%

Leadership Certified: 53%

Nursing Vision, Values & Mission

Vision & Values

Nursing at Maine Medical Center is the spirit and practice of caring for patients, families and the community through leadership, knowledge and compassion. Maine Medical Center is dedicated to maintaining and improving the health of the communities it serves by:

  • Caring for our community
  • Educating tomorrow’s caregivers
  • Researching new ways to provide care

We proudly carry our unique responsibility as Maine’s leader in patient care, education and research. We are dedicated to the traditions and ideals of not-for-profit health care. Our care is available to all who seek it.

We have embraced the ANA Code of Ethics and Maine Medical Center values:

orange circle that says "patient centered"

Act with Kindness and Compassion

teal circle that says "ownership"

Take Responsibility

purple circle that says "integrity"

Be a Role Model

navy blue circle that says "innovation"

Embrace Change

green circle that says "respect"

Be an Active Listener

red circle that says "excellence"

Set High Standards

These values guide us in our interactions with each other, with our patients and families and with the members of our community. These values are foundational, and support us as we work toward a vision that benefits us all:

  • Working together so our communities are the healthiest in America.


  • We create environments of care, which support patient and family needs and optimal patient outcomes.
  • We provide equitable and culturally competent care to all patients and their families.
  • We strive for excellence in health and healing for the body, mind, and spirit.
  • We respect, support, and collaborate with one another and with other health care team members.
  • We recognize we are part of a complex and evolving health care system and respond with flexibility and openness to new ideas and techniques.
  • We engage in and promote ongoing professional education and advancement for ourselves and for our colleagues.
  • We play a critical role in coaching, mentoring, and retaining professional nurses in our practice setting.
  • We are dedicated to providing progressive care through Evidence-Based Practice.

Professional Practice Model

Maine Medical Center nurses are committed to excellence and the Professional Practice Model. Building relationships and partnerships with patients, families, the interdisciplinary care team and community are at the center of the model.

Establishing partnerships allows evidenced-based practice, ethical care, self-regulation, shared governance, accountability and service to come alive leading to exceptional care delivery and practice excellence. The foundation of the model are our nursing mission, vision and values – which align with those of the organization.

circular chart representing the professional practice model of shared governance, practice excellence, and care delivery

MMC Magnet Journey

horizontal chart illustrating the magnet journey from 1st designation in 2007 to 4th designation (in progress for 2020)